April 15, 2023 – For Immediate Release – CyberMass Press Release

CyberMass is excited to announce a new partnership with BlackCloak – the pioneer of Digital Executive Protection.

BlackCloak’s value proposition is very unique: they help protect the enterprise from threats that internal security teams cannot fully control, those that originate in the personal digital lives of a company’s executives, board members, and high-access employees.

This is done through their SaaS-based Platform that combines digital privacy protection, enterprise-grade personal device security, home network security, and incident response with a US-based SOC and concierge client service.

BlackCloak recently published a data report which details the personal digital life threat landscape, and its potential impact on both executives and the organization You can  download it here.

Contact us today to learn more about BlackCloak and how CyberMass and BlackCloak can help bolster your company’s cybersecurity when key employees are outside of corporate control.

We look forward to being part of your security layer of protection.

CyberMass Team